As all business sectors, the event industry offers now innovative and efficient digital solutions.
These solutions can be involved in the logistic of your event and also boost its content.

We have listed and tried different technical providers (videoconference systems, digital platforms, team building…) to organise virtual, hybrid events, or to boost physical events.

What is an “hybrid event”?
It is a mix of physical and virtual event. By combining a physical venue, digital solutions, and innovative technology, it will allow you to welcome two types of participants: the ones attending your event on site and the ones attending virtually! New digital solutions will boost physical events and in no way replace them!

The different partners must be involved very early in the genesis of your event, in order to impact its agenda/rhythm, its themes/interests; and thus engage all participants in a stronger, more sustainable and more responsible way.

Move to meet can help you to develop your event website, to send and follow the participants’ registration and also to create a customised questionnaire for your rooming list.

  • Development and management of an event personalised website
  • Sending of invitations, management of the registrations, and reminders through a specialised platform
  • Creation of a customised questionnaire which will be used as a base for your rooming list and other documents
  • Platform export with a real time tracking to follow the evolution of the registrations

We can also create a smartphone application to provide an interactive experience for your participants. This can be designed for the following purposes:

  • Interact with your participants (personalised agenda, registration to workshops, event’s reminder…)
  • Boost your meetings (quizzes, word clouds, opinion poll…)
  • Creation, management and matchmaking set up for your speed date meetings. A personal agenda will be generated, then submit to your approval and finally send to the participants. If you want to use a smartphone app, your participants will find their personal agenda on it

These services can be used independently one of each other (quotation upon request).
If you want to receive a quotation according your needs, please contact us.